Immigration to Canada is complex. There are several steps one has to take to successfully apply and get approved for Canadian immigration. The immigration process to Canada can take several months and in some cases, years. But if you know the options available, you can improve your chances of success and avoid pitfalls, frustrations, and delays. Heath Law LLP may be able to help you.

The unfortunate side of immigration is that the system is full of potential traps and roadblocks. The good news is we can help you avoid such errors and maximize your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada. We help you avoid immigration pitfalls by:

  • guiding you through each step toward completing your immigration application,
  • ensuring that your application is prepared in accordance to immigration law requirements, and
  • sending you timely updates and reminders regarding the immigration process.

What Is Immigration Law?

At its core, immigration law is the rules and processes governing who can enter Canada and who can stay in Canada. The management and decision-making of immigration laws are governed by various government agencies such as the Ministry of Immigration Refugee and Citizenship, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency, and the Immigration and Refugee Board. Each entity has various responsibilities in governing immigration. The Canadian court system holds other government bodies accountable to ensure they act within the authority given to them by legislation and that they are procedurally fair.

Some of the immigration legal services provided by Heath Law LLP include:

  • visitor visas,
  • study and work permits,
  • labour market opinions,
  • temporary residency permits,
  • permanent residency applications,
  • business visitor services,
  • electronic travel authorizations,
  • family sponsorships,
  • citizenship, and
  • federal court and immigration appeals.

We help families, individuals, and companies navigate the complexity of immigration law and provide direction to those choosing to come to Canada to live, work, study, or visit. If you have any questions, please contact us for a consultation.

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