We write to advise that effective November 30, 2021, the B.C. Government requires that
any Corporation, Trust or Partnership that owns an interest in real estate must file a
Land Owner Transparency Report with the Land Owner Transparency Registry.
Failure to file may result in government-imposed penalties.

What is the Land Owner Transparency Registry?

The Land Owner Transparency Registry is a publicly searchable registry of information about
beneficial ownership of land in British Columbia. Beneficial land owners are people who own or
control land indirectly, such as through a corporation, partnership, or trust.

The Registry is intended to end hidden ownership of land and combat money laundering in B.C.
The B.C. provincial government created the LOTR to identify the individuals that actually own
real estate in the province.

Does the Land Owner Transparency Registry apply to you?

With few exceptions, all corporations, partnerships, and trusts that own real estate in British
Columbia must register. Trusts include formal trusts, bare trusts, and prescribed trusts.

What do you need to do?

If you own an interest in land in a corporation, partnership, or trust, you must prepare and
register a Transparency Report with the LOTR by November 30, 2022. An interest in land
includes a fee simple interest, life estate, or long-term lease.

Only a Legal Professional can register the Report.

The Transparency Report contains information about:

1. The corporation, partnership, or trust that owns real estate (“Reporting Bodies”);

2. The individuals who are beneficial owners of the corporation, partnership, or
trust, as well as settlors of trusts (“Interest Holders”).

The Transparency Report discloses information about Interest Holders, including:

1. Name
2. Citizenship
3. Social Insurance Number (or Individual Tax Number)
4. Date of Birth,
5. Residency for Tax Purposes, and
6. Address

Only some of this information will be publicly searchable, and certain Interest Holders are
eligible to restrict what is available to the public. Government agencies will have access to all
information. All Interest Holders must be advised that their personal information was included
in a Transparency Report and a special letter giving notice under the legislation must be
provided to the Interest Holder.

The Transparency Report must be uploaded to the LOTR Registry online.

The report must also be updated when the information concerning the Interest Holder changes, for
example, a change in residential address, name, or ceasing to be an interest holder.
Specific reporting requirements apply for each type of corporation, partnership, trust, and
Interest Holder.
A failure to prepare and upload a Transparency Report may result in the government pursuing
administrative penalties of up to $50,000 or 5% of the assessed value of the real estate.

What can Heath Law LLP do to help?

We have a team of lawyers and staff well versed in preparing Transparency Reports and
compliance under this new LOTR legislation.

Please advise our office by November 1, 2022, if you own real estate in a corporation, trust or
partnership, and if you would like our assistance in preparing and filing a Land Owner
Transparency Report.

Yours truly,