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The Federal Child Support Guidelines Child Support Table

The Federal Child Support Guidelines Child Support Table was updated effective November 22, 2017, to account for tax and other changes since the previous Child Support Table came into effect on December 31, 2011. The minimum gross annual income at which the Child Support Table applies was increased from $10,820.00 under the 2011 Table to […]

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URGENT: B.C. LAND OWNER TRANSPARENCY REGISTER (“LOTR”) We write to advise that effective November 30, 2021, the B.C. Government requires that any Corporation, Trust or Partnership that owns an interest in real estate must file a Land Owner Transparency Report with the Land Owner Transparency Registry. Failure to file may result in government-imposed penalties. What […]

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The Effects of Bankruptcy on Family Law Orders

Divorce is an emotionally and financially difficult process, leaving many people on the verge of insolvency. It is important for both parties to a divorce to know that while some types of debts are forgiven upon the completion of bankruptcy, many family law obligations are not. Spousal and child support obligations pursuant to a family […]

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What Options are Available to Separated Parents Who Disagree About Whether to Vaccinate their Child(ren)?

Recent case law out of Ontario and Saskatchewan suggests that parents who have joint decision making responsibility may apply for sole-decision making responsibility regarding whether to vaccinate their children against Covid-19. The court will apply the Best Interests of the Child Test to determine which parent should be given sole decision-making responsibility, or if it […]