A Seller’s Guide: Completing Real Estate Transactions in Nanaimo

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Completing a real estate transaction as a Seller in Nanaimo involves various steps and considerations. The Buyer’s lawyer prepares almost all of the documents in a real estate transaction. The Seller’s lawyer will review the agreement of purchase and sale as well as the remainder of the transaction documents to ensure the Seller’s interests are protected. This article will provide a concise guide outlining the standard procedures after there is a contract of purchase in place and the conditions have been satisfied.

  1. Deposit: Once the conditions have been satisfied, the Buyer will provide the remaining deposit required under the purchase contract, if any. The deposit is typically held in trust by the Realtors until completion.  
  2. Document Execution: The Buyer’s lawyer will prepare and forward to the Seller’s lawyer a set of documents that must be signed by the Seller. Once signed, the documents are returned to the Buyer’s lawyer. The Seller’s lawyer must provide the Buyer’s lawyer with an undertaking to clear from the title any financial charges or encumbrances, such as a mortgage or lien.
  3. Completion: The funds provided by the Buyer are first used to pay out the Seller’s existing mortgage, outstanding taxes, and other encumbrances on title that must be cleared. Once the Seller’s lawyer completes their undertakings, the remaining funds are transferred to the Seller. The Realtor’s commission is usually paid by the Buyers and deducted from the monies due to the Seller.
  4. Possession: The date of possession is often the day after completion. The Realtors exchange keys, transferring possession to the Buyer.

Discharging Mortgage: Once the existing mortgage has been paid out, the Mortgage Lender will either file a Discharge of Mortgage with the Land Titles Office or forward the Seller’s lawyer a signed Discharge of Mortgage to be filed with the Land Titles Office.

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