How do I locate beneficiaries?

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The deceased’s Will is often the primary source of information about beneficiaries. Personal records such as address books and digital contacts offer potential leads, as well as online searches and social media platforms.

Financial institutions can also provide clues, as beneficiaries are often linked to accounts and investments. Furthermore, the beneficiaries’ family and friends may possess valuable insights into the whereabouts of the beneficiary. Other practical steps include checking their last known address and talking to their neighbours, checking with their last known employer, and asking at places where they are known to have contacts (for example, clubs and social organizations).

If, after taking these steps, you still can’t find the beneficiary, you can hire someone to locate a person’s whereabouts. This is known as a trace, and there are several companies in BC that offer tracing services. Whichever company you choose to work with, they will want as much information about the beneficiary as you can provide. However, if you are still unsuccessful, you may need to apply to court for an order either dispensing with notice or notifying the missing beneficiary in a different way such