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I have had a Builders Lien filed against my property; what can I do to remove it?

Generally, a builders’ lien is a charge on property by a person who has supplied work or material to a building under construction. Since builders’ liens are typically simple and inexpensive to file against property, an owner may find themselves in a situation with multiple liens against their title. The filing of a builders’ lien can have an immediate and serious impact. It may affect the ability to gain financing or interfere with the sale of the property. Therefore, it may be necessary for persons affected by a lien to have methods at their disposal to obtain a discharge of the lien.

The Builders Lien Act (“BLA”), ss. 22 to 25, outline procedures for how persons who have interests in the liened property can obtain the discharge of liens. For example, section 24 of the BLA provides that a claim of lien can be cancelled by “giving security”. This process essentially involves money being paid into court. The money paid is considered to be sufficient to cancel the claim of lien and allows the person who has the interest in the property to carry on activities as usual. There are other legal means to discharge a builders’ lien, and our team of real estate and litigation experts can provide you with this advice. Call our office at 250-753-2202 to request an appointment.