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Advantages of Incorporation for Small Businesses

As a small business grows, there are risks of personal liability. The act of Incorporating a business is one way to mitigate personal liability. Limited liability is not the only advantage that incorporation provides. This post explores the advantages of incorporation, focusing on its legal, financial and operational benefits.

Limited Liability Protection

Incorporation establishes the business as a distinct legal entity, separate from its owners. This pivotal separation shields personal assets from business liabilities and debts. Incorporations offer some protection from potential lawsuits or financial encumbrances, bolstering financial security and risk management.

Transfer of Ownership Interests

The ownership of corporations is generally in the form of shares, rather than holding specific assets. Shares permit increased flexibility in ownership transitions, which may enable smoother succession planning or acquisitions.

Unlimited Life Span

Provided the corporation maintains its registration with the provincial government (as the case may be), it has an everlasting existence. This is in contrast to other forms of business, such as a sole proprietorship where the business may dissolve upon the owner’s demise, and corporations sustain operational continuity.

Enhanced Credibility

Incorporating signifies a commitment to long-term business viability, enhancing credibility among stakeholders. The enduring corporate structure conveys stability and reliability, instilling confidence in investors, lenders, employees, suppliers, and customers alike. This credibility may foster stronger business relationships and growth opportunities.

Improved Access to Financing and Tax Benefits

Corporations attract greater attention from investors and lenders due to their transparent organizational structure. Moreover, corporations may leverage tax advantages such as lower tax rates, deductions, and income splitting among shareholders.

Provincial vs. Federal Incorporation

The choice between provincial and federal incorporation hinges on the business’s expansion plans and operational scope. Local businesses with limited geographical reach may opt for provincial incorporation, while those considering national or international expansion may benefit from federal incorporation.

The above list is just a small sampling of the advantages of incorporation for small businesses. Heath Law’s team of commercial and business law experts can provide the legal advice you need for your small business type.

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