A Buyer’s Guide: Completing Real Estate Transactions in Nanaimo.

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Completing a real estate transaction as a Buyer can be a complex process. Once the Buyer and Seller have a contract of purchase and sale in place and the conditions have been satisfied, the Buyer’s lawyer will conduct a land title search and review any charges on the title. The Buyer’s lawyer will also prepare the conveyancing documents, and coordinate signatures, registration and money transfers.

  1. Completing the Purchase of Sale: The Buyer’s lawyer prepares almost all of the documents in a real estate transaction in Nanaimo. These include conveyancing documents, mortgage documents (if any), land title searches, and a statement of adjustments. Any financial charges on title are to be discharged by the Seller.
  2. Prior to Closing: The Buyer’s lawyer meets with the Buyer prior to closing to review the entire transaction and sign the documents. The transfer documents are sent to the Seller’s lawyer to be executed by the Seller. The documents are then returned to the Buyer’s lawyer. Once the Buyer’s lawyer has received the down payment from the Buyer, and the Buyer has satisfied all conditions of the mortgage lender, the lawyer registers the land title transfer document, along with the mortgage document at the Land Title Office.
  3. Closing: Once the documents are registered and the Buyer’s lawyer receives the mortgage proceeds, then the down payment and mortgage proceeds are paid to the Seller’s lawyer. Often, the Buyer takes possession the next day after closing.
  4. Post-Closing: The Buyer’s lawyer will provide a final reporting letter to the Buyer once the state of title certificate is received from the Land Title Office and will also provide the state of title certificate to the Mortgagee.

Don’t let the above steps in the real estate process fool you with their seeming simplicity. These four steps each have their own complexity in the home buying and selling process and missing the wrong step can cost you thousands of dollars, or even the sale of your desired property. Be certain you’ve done everything right. Contact an experienced real estate lawyer at Heath Law, in Nanaimo BC.